Aberdeen Harbour South

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A £400million development to the south of Aberdeen Harbour

A £400million infrastructure development, transforming the marine support capacity of Aberdeen through the creation of over 1,400 metres of deep-water quay and over 125,000 square metres of quayside laydown area. This major project represents significant upscaling and growth opportunity for customers, who will have the ability to berth vessels of up to 300 metres in length. A development of national significance, the new combined harbour will become Scotland’s largest port in terms of berthage.

Port of Aberdeen is Britain’s oldest existing business, established in 1136. Today it is the premier marine support centre for the subsea engineering sector and oil and gas industry as well as being the the main commercial port serving the North East of Scotland.

Ever evolving, recent decades have seen over £200million in investment in facilities. The Trust Port’s latest development, however, is a single investment of £4000million.

The resulting construction of new facilities in Nigg Bay, to the South of the existing harbour, will revolutionise the port’s capacity and will allow vessels of up to 300 metres plus to berth alongside. The extensive quay lengths, expansive laydown area and deep water channel will also transform the functionality of the port, allowing the accommodation of upscaled decommissioning, renewables and cruise industry activity.

This site is allocated in the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2017 as OP62 Aberdeen Harbour, for Harbour use. Construction commenced on the project in May 2017 and the construction of the North Breakwater and dredging operations are now well advanced. The project is fully on schedule for completion in the Summer of 2020.

The new facilities are designed to allow the port to grow its oil and gas core activities whilst attracting new, upscaled activities from the widest range of sectors.

Around the new Nigg Bay area are existing adjoining business and industrial parks both zoned B1 Business and Industrial in the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2017. Theses opportunity sites are located adjacent major existing infrastructure including the Inverness Edinburgh trainline and the southern junction of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR). The site is also close to the proposed Aberdeen Energy from Waste site which will produce both electricity and heat energy, a proposed solar farm, a Hydrogen fuelling station and the connection point for one of the offshore wind developments.

Quick Facts
• Project Promoter Aberdeen Harbour Board & Aberdeen City Council
• Largest harbour by berthage in UK
• Investment £400million
• Additional 7,000 indirect equivalent jobs by 2035, injecting an additional £0.9billion GVA into the national economy.
• Onshore Business & Industrial Opportunities

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