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Food, drink and agriculture make up a significant part of the economy of North East Scotland and directly employ more than 22,000 people.

In Scottish terms, the region accounts for 17% of the sector’s Gross Value Added (GVA) and 18% of employment. Excluding the whisky sector, the region contributes an estimated 20% of Scotland’s food and drink industry output, whilst approaching 25% of Scotland’s primary agricultural output and 50% of its fish landings.

The Aberdeen City Region Deal includes funds for an Agri-Food and Nutrition Hub for Innovation that will maximise the opportunity from the region’s existing research base, primary producers and food processors. The Hub will stimulate higher levels of innovation within existing companies and new start-ups and spinouts across the wider food supply chain, including from the sustainable agriculture and seafood sectors.

The Hub will also have a strong focus on the supply chain, provenance, healthy eating, nutraceuticals and functional foods, as well as being a flagship project for Scotland’s food and drink industry at a national level.

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