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hydrogen economy

working to bring about a hydrogen economy in the Aberdeen City Region

The £21million green transport Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project was ground-breaking as the first multi-sector partnership spearheaded to deliver advancements in sustainable transport while delivering the world's largest demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell buses.

Along with key hydrogen industry bodies, private and public sector organisations came together to form a partnership to fund and deliver the project, which also helps to realise an objective to become a world-leading city for low carbon technology.

The H2 Bus Project, which is part of the H2 Aberdeen Programme, also delivered UK’s largest hydrogen production and bus refuelling station in Aberdeen.
Benefits realised by the project include:-

• Economic and environmental benefits via the use of hydrogen transport technology;
• The buses commissioned emit water vapour only, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution thus improving air quality;
• Testing of an innovative technology;
• Contribution to Scotland’s green transport targets;
• Quieter and smoother to run buses.

Operations began on 11 March 2015, with the buses operating on both urban and rural routes since then, and surveys of drivers and passengers demonstrating a high level of satisfaction with the vehicles. The survey data reports passenger experience as a pleasantly smooth journey on new clean, green and quiet buses.

Another part of the H2 Aberdeen Programme is the Aberdeen’s second hydrogen refuelling station which was opened in February 2017, along with the launch of a fleet of 10 hydrogen fuelled Toyota Mirai cars. The £2.6million station will serve the city’s expanding fleet of cars and vans.


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