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developing our northern towns

Focusing on the region's four northern towns of Banff, Macduff, Fraserburgh and Peterhead

To fulfil an objective to create the conditions for sustainable economic growth, diversification and regeneration, Aberdeenshire Council has several measures and supporting programmes in place to ensure the region strives, and highlighting that it very much remains open for business.

Aberdeenshire Council's new regeneration strategy focuses Aberdeen City Region's four northern towns of Banff, Macduff, Fraserburgh and Peterhead. 


Banff is a connected, prosperous destination, where businesses are developed and its coastal location on the Moray Firth is maximised. Cultural and heritage assets are enriched, to create an attractive townscape and so people are inspired to become the best they can be.

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With genuine maritime past, present and future, Macduff is a thriving town where hard work is rewarded by excellent social and community opportunities. Where there is strong civic pride in a distinctive townscape and an ethical society focused on benefitting all. Where the young are supported to make tomorrow's history and where life is evolving with new ideas and business openings.

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Fraserburgh is vibrant and open for business, a town which looks outward whilst also caring for its community. Deserving of a reputation for excellence as one of the UK’s finest maritime towns, with a distinctive public realm of the highest quality, retaining a memory of place whilst creating new places to draw on the legacy of earlier generations. A town which places inclusion and enterprise at the heart of everything it does, developing an innovative and creative culture that empowers people.

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Peterhead is the vibrant economic heart for the Buchan communities and reaches out to the world through its maritime industry, enterprise, ambition, culture and its communities.

Peterhead’s town centre has been rediscovered with improved facilities including a diverse quality family friendly shopping/leisure experience and evening economy with interesting cultural events.

The distinct communities in Peterhead work together to celebrate differences with renewed civic confidence and pride of place. This is an independent, energised, committed and supportive community town.

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