Energy Transition Zone (ETZ)



What is a Green Freeport?

A freeport is a special economic zone surrounding an air, rail or sea port or collection of ports that offers tax breaks and lower business tariffs. This helps to stimulate the local economy and create inclusive, prosperous communities.

Scotland has its own freeport model – the green freeport – which is focused on regenerating local areas, creating high quality jobs and supporting the transition to a Net Zero economy.

North East Scotland Green Freeport is a collaborative consortium formed by Port of Aberdeen, Aberdeen International Airport, Peterhead Port Authority, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council joining forces with industry and academia to drive forward a successful bid. The three ports exported over £1 billion worth of goods in 2021.

Why is North East Scotland bidding for Green Freeport status?

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has highlighted the Scottish Government’s commitment to reposition the region as the Net Zero Capital of Europe, while Chancellor Rushi Sunak has pledged to boost Scotland’s transformation as ‘green energy hub’ and deliver the UK Government’s commitments on Net Zero.

North East Scotland Green Freeport will make these commitments a reality. It will secure the region’s position as a global leader in energy transition, attract new international investment and innovators, accelerate Scotland’s Carbon Capture & Storage Cluster at St Fergus and inject new life, through low carbon innovation, to the fishing and seafood industries, particularly those located at Peterhead.

We’re bidding for Green Freeport status so that we can build strong, vibrant and resilient communities where there are opportunities for all and not just the few.

What makes North East Scotland Green Freeport unique?

In this climate emergency, the UK needs a region with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and economic opportunities at pace.

The fusion of Green Freeport status with a region famed for its resilience, adaptability and pioneering entrepreneurial spirit would deliver a prosperous new chapter in our industrial story. One which, quite literally, could help change the world.

The Scottish and UK governments only need to look at our track record. From a fishing community to a ship building stronghold; textile mills to paper mills; oil and gas to renewable energy. We’ve demonstrated our ability to pivot time and time again. Agility and innovation are in our DNA.

The North East is home to innovators and opportunists who create blueprints for excellence. Our success will blaze a trail for the rest of Scotland and the UK to follow.

What will North East Scotland Green Freeport deliver?

North East Scotland Green Freeport will comprise a special economic zone within which a number of levers and tax incentives will be available to attract new inward investment and support expansion of existing businesses to invest, innovate and develop the skills needed to deliver a wide range of pioneering new projects.

The ambitious proposals to secure vital trade and investment whilst supporting the acceleration of innovation, diversification and decarbonisation of the region’s key sectors: